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there are no walls surrounding me

there are no prisons in this life

Alana Quigley
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Alana Uliana Quigley, née Wadcock.

Born - 18 September 1961.
Raised - Salford, Greater Manchester, England.
Blood - Half.
Schooled - Hufflepuff, Class of 1980.
Now Living - Derry, Northern Ireland.
Working - Gwent Dragon Reserve in Gwent, Wales.
Family - Phineas (father) and Petra (mother). Joe (older brother), Bradana (sister-in-law), and Simon (nephew). Avril, May, and Josiah (cousins).
Marital - Married to Matt Quigley.
Children - He'll be comin' round the mountain when he comes.
Otherwise - Loud and unapologetically so. A little off-putting, but really not so bad if you can stand her.

"The trumpet does no more stun you by its loudness, than a whisper teases you by its provoking inaudibility." - Charles Lamb

OOC - Not Alana. / Not Arielle. / Not JK Rowling.
Journal titles from "King of the World" by Jason Robert Brown.
The person(s) and situations portrayed in this journal are fictional.